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The Classic

Everyone's favorite, the classic round brush blowout for a voluminous and polished look - smooth & movement. 

Beach Waves

Effortless waves - try straight ends for an edgier look or round ends for a more polished look

Touseled & Textured

Messy and undone but in the best way possible - like you "woke up like this"!

Sleek & Straight

The name says it all! We have all the perfect ceramic ion tools to achieve the smoothest and sleekest look possible.

Glam Curls

From big bouncy curls to loose, natural waves, you let us know! 

The Hollywood

The Oscar, Emmys, you name it - the classic hollywood curls for a spectacular look! 

Up Dos

Up Dos (40-65min) $89-$150 (bridal)

*Consultation required, price will depend on length of hair, style and intricacy of the style. 

Add ons

Elevate your visit with our variety of special add-ons designed to complement any service

Blowouts $68 

Blowouts with Extensions in head $88

*Please note: we do not sell or provide extensions.

Single braid / $18 (10-15 min)

Head Massage $20 (10 min)

Dry Styling $55 (25 min)

*Must come in with clean, dry hair

Scalp Treatment

Our specialized scalp treatments are designed to target specific concerns, providing nourishment, recovery, and balance. Add on to your blow out or enjoy as a treatment on it's own!

Davines Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatment $45 / add on

$60 w/o blow out (includes 5 min scalp and temple massage) (10 min)

Great for dehydrated and sensitive scalp- anti inflammatory active ingredients help to balance to relieve itchiness and redness.

Davines Energizing Superactive Serum Treatment $45 / add on

$60 w/o blow out 

This formula improves the scalp tone, controls the hyper-production of sebum, and reduces the hair loss improving hair density

Davines Scalp Detox Treatment $65  / add on

$80 w/o blow out 

(includes 5 min scalp and temple massage) (10min)

The award winning Naturaltech detox scrub formula gently, but deeply cleanses the scalp protecting it from free radicals. Followed by the Scalp Recovery serum application for further balance and anti-inflammation.

Davines Miracle Deep Conditioning Treatment $65 / add on $80 w/o blow out 

(includes 5 min scalp and temple massage) (15min)

Extra moisturizing and nourishing mask for dull, thick or unruly hair. It deeply moisturizes the hair, making it soft, bright, easy to comb and reinforcing the structure. 

Davines Royal Jelly Nourishing Treatment & Deep Conditioning $95 / add on $110 w/o blow out 

(includes 5 min scalp and temple massage) (20min)

This mineralizing scalp treatment is the holy grail - royal jelly lotion for a very dehydrated scalp. It carries out a nourishing and remineralizing action on the scalp with an invigorating effort on the hair. Followed by the Miracle Deep Conditioning treatment.

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